Maggi, Pierce And E.J. live in a time capsule. Three pilots and a dog. They leave pieces of their lives in lines of songs. They share their music with fans in the U.S, U.K. and Europe playing at colleges, festivals, listening rooms and clubs. Their live show is fiery, spontaneous and unforgettable. Their diverse mix of music borrows from many familiar sources, but combines into such a unique blend that can only be described as fabulous, freaky, frothy and fantastic! Recently they were quoted as one of the best unsigned bands in America (Sun Sentinal-Miami).

MPE's latest original triple album (Silver) was recorded in Berlin and mixed in the U.S. with Grammy winners Ben Wisch and Phil Nicolo.
"Hugely eclectic folk-rockers, Maggi, Pierce And E.J. built a strong grassroots following through constant touring since the late '90s. Their 7 self-released CD's range from coffeehouse folk to rootsy rock & roll, country, jazz, pop, and alternative rock. MPE tie its freewheeling music together with smooth three-part harmonies and energetic concert performances in which all three members switch instruments at a dizzying pace."-all music guide
"They're funny yet deep, they cut through, yet they're light hearted and their harmonies and instrument rotation really trips me out!"

MPE were one of ten Finalists out of over 1,500 entrants in this year's (2006) Mountain Stage NewSong Contest.

Their song, 'Flame' was chosen as a winner in the choir contest in The Philadelphia's Songwriter's Project where a 40 piece choir will perform it in the Spring.

MPE were featured in a syndicated program called "Hipster London" on the discovery travel channel and 5 of their songs were part of an A&E series in 2005.
'Yipee-i-a', a song from their silver triple album was in this season's Discovery's show, "The Deadliest Catch" 2006. They recently finished editing a 17 minute short documentary of their two week, gasoline free, walking tour from Philly to D.C. "Whole Steps Toward Peace.-aka: Screw the Van," where they walked 218 miles in 16 days (with their dog, Pokey), instruments on backs and concerts most every night. (see 15 second video clip) It was chosen as a finalist in the Tribecca Film contest. Click here for a 2 minutes preview!
MPE's latest release, "Live Covers" features songs by such artists as Van Halen, David Bowie, Melanie, Yoko Ono and others. It has been getting a great deal of Triple A airplay. On a side note, Pierce and E.J. are former members of the groundbreaking hip-hop band, "The Goats" (Sony/Columbia).